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Based on our record of achievement, we even play an active role in energy facilities around the world

We have carried out many projects not only in Japan but also in energy resource facilities around the world. In thermal insulation and fireproofing construction of petroleum refining facilities as well as liquefied natural gas manufacturing and storage facilities, we take pride in our technological capabilities as one of the world's leaders and offer a wealth of experience in construction of ethylene and chemical complexes and fertilizer facilities. In the field of cryogenic insulation work, we continue as the world's leading company.


We have worked on large-scale projects in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia. With our Branch Offices and affiliated companies located in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and cooperative companies in Indonesia and the Philippines, our business is expanding into full-scale overseas operations.


By dispatching engineers to sites for thermal insulation work, we provide Japan's highest level of thermal insulation technology and environmentally-friendly technology overseas.


Since an agreement must be made with local construction companies at overseas construction sites, it becomes most important to first understand the culture, history, customs and language of the country. Site superintendents we dispatch complete their projects while communicating with people, by making full use of on-site management capabilities based on considerable experience.

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