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Use of Site

When you use this website, the following items apply to all accessing to this website as well as all use of this website and its content:

1. Copyrights

Content on this website is the property of the Company or author and protected under the Copyright Law. Except when there is no prior permission from each owner of a copyright and except for noncommercial and personal uses, part or all of this website may not be copied, reproduced, changed, redistributed, used or translated into another language.

2. Indemnification

The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage the user and/or third parties suffer as a result of the use of this website.
Similarly, the Company accepts no liability whatsoever if the content downloaded from this website adversely affects the personal computer(s) of the user and/or third parties.
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3. Change of Content

This website is subject to change or discontinue without prior notice. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever if damage occurs to the user and/or third parties associated with it.

4. Handling of Linked Information

The Company does not guarantee the reliability, legitimacy, copyright license and accuracy concerning the information displayed on the linked websites.