Heavy Duty Anticorrosion Coating for Steel Structures: apanese Patent No.4245165 obtained Patent Pending
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Disadvantage of conventional anticorrosion engineering of paint system

Zinc Rich Paint (ZRP) is one of the representative cathodic anticorrosion technologies. It indicates that metal zinc in coated film is eluted in a sacrificial manner when subjected to corrosion as is the case with zinc coated steel and thereby electrons are transferred to steel material to stablize it.

However, in the high corrosion environment such as coastal areas, there is the fault that durability comes to have a short by flying particles of sea salt so that consumption of the zinc becomes intense.

It is often observed that the heavy-duty anticorrosion effect by use of Zinc Rich Paint is ineffective in the three major corrosion regions of Okinawa Prefecture, Kashima in Ibaragi Prefecture and Tomakomai in Hokkaido.

Development of Grapple Zinc Primer

We developed photocatalyst-containing zinc rich paint (Grapple Zinc Primer), which is produced by adding a special photocatalyst to conventional organic zinc rich paint.

Cathodic photo-protection

In the needle-shaped conductive titanium oxide with UV rays from sunlight received, electrons are generated. By transfer of these electrons to metal, the electric potential (corrosion) of the metal itself shifts to "less noble potential" (anticorrosion). Even if there is salt, no rust will be formed on the metal.
It is so-called "Cathodic photo-protection" to prevent metal from rust formation by the light.

Anticorrosion theory of Grapple Zinc Primer

Grapple Zinc Primer allows for long term functioning of superior anticorrosion property even in a severe corrosion environment by electrons obtained through light energy conversion from needle-shaped conductive titanium oxide with UV rays from sunlight received, in addition to high anticorrosion property of zinc in Zinc Rich Paint.

Grapple heavy-duty coating system
Paint NameMaterial SystemStandard Usage
Standard Film
PrimerGrapple Zinc PrimerPhotocatalyst-Containing Organic Zinc Rich Paint75075
Under CoatingGrapple Under CoatingPermeable Modified Epoxy Resin Under Coat (Weak Solvent Type)510100
Top CoatingGrapple Top Coating HBU(Thick-Film Type Polyurethane Resin Top Coat (Weak Solvent Type)22055
Grapple Top Coat HBFThick-Film Type Fluorine Resin Top Coat (Weak Solvent Type)

Top Coat:Selectable according to environment conditions

Accelerating Test

Ultraviolet Irradiation Combined Cycle Test: Compliant with JIS K 5621

紫外線照射複合サイクル試験 紫外線照射複合サイクル試験
  • Conventional Material

    Organic Zinc Rich Paint
  • Development Material

    Grapple Zinc Primer
  • 有機系ジンクリッチペイント
  • Okinawa Environment
    (approximate 6 year equivalent)
  • グラップルジンクプライマー

Our development material has the effect of corrosion inhibition.