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In recent years, it is said that an important theme imposed on us is the realization of prosperous coexistence between "energy" and "ecology.” Since our foundation in 1944, we have been contributing to the effective utilization of energy through our core business of thermal insulation work and technology, and have been engaged in initiatives to expand our business domain, manufacturing and installing boilers using our combustion technology as the foundation, interior work for clean rooms, working on freezing and refrigerating cryogenic facilities, and initiatives related to the environment based on our three management principles of “Create customers and secure their trust,” “Contribute to society,” and “Challenge toward the future.”
Under these circumstances, our technological capabilities are highly trusted by users and we are making every effort to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by promoting energy saving and environmental conservation which are global issues.
In addition, in order to achieve the goals of the medium-term management plan (2021-2023) starting from fiscal 2021, we are promoting the establishment of an appropriate governance system based on thorough compliance under the slogan of "Challenging a new stage." increase. On the other hand, (1) Increase ability to adapt to a changing business climate; (2) Implement a strategy for sustained growth. (3) Establish a profit structure that supports growth (4) Reform business processes by utilizing digital technologies, and (5) A stronger corporate infrastructure and corporate culture are the priority measures.
In a rapidly changing business environment, based on our corporate philosophy, with the keywords "reform, speed & challenge", we will build relationships of trust with all stakeholders and stably establish corporate value from a medium-to long-term perspective.
We will steadily implement various management measures to improve and always challenge the future.

Representative Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Toshiteru Otani
Representative Director, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
Toshiteru Otani
POINT 01What does Meisei do?

Coal, oil, natural gas and the next generation of energy...
The energy that supports our social lives has changed dramatically over time.
These energy significantly influences the global environment while being of benefit to mankind.
This century is the time to achieve harmony between people and nature.
The most important theme for us is the rich coexistence of "Energy" and "ecology"
Over 70 years of experience in thermal insulation work, MEISEI’s thermal insulation technology has earned the trust of users in the thermal energy industry that supports the development of Japan, while contributing to the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection which are the global issue.

POINT 02MEISEI is active in these area.

MEISEI’s thermal insulation technology plays an important role in a wide range of key industries.
In addition to improving thermal efficiency of power, gas, oil and petrochemicals plants, the technology must also play its role in ensuring the safety of people and facilities from fire and heat.
In also overseas, advanced thermal insulation technology is required for production and shipping facilities in gas and oil producing countries and on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers.
In addition, with the globalization of socio-economics and increasing awareness of environmental issues, the importance of facility conservation has been increasing. We also contribute to society by steadily accumulating a performance record on construction projects in various areas of “environmental field”, such as the conservation of building structures and their surrounding environment.
MEISEI is working on a comprehensive engineering system that covers from research, consulting, design and construction to maintenance.

POINT 03The future of Meisei

Japan relies on imports for most of its energy resources and the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, etc. emits a large amount of greenhouse gases. Reducing greenhouse gases as global warming countermeasures has become a global issue.
In order to solve this important issue, our mission is to work to find thorough energy-saving measures while sustaining economic growth.
Society and clients are paying attention to the innovation of global warming prevention technologies and the spread of renewable energy toward a low-carbon society.
MEISEI hopes to continue to work with you, making the most of construction and technological capabilities having been cultivated over many years.