Chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheet (Trade name is Tosoh CSM)

ULVA Shield, produced by ULVA Insulation Systems Limited, UK, is a polymeric rubber sheet applied directly over the thermal insulation of piping, vessels and equipment.
ULVA Shield is a flexible, non-metallic, insulation cladding system that can be applied to all known
insulation material to provide a totally sealed weather proof barrier, in order to considerably
reduce the potentially disastrous risk of “CORROSION - UNDER - INSULATION” (CUI)
ULVA Shield has a successful track record of application in harsh environments such as the North Sea for more than seventeen years.
We are promoting ULVA Shield for domestic various customers as a Japanese Agent.


1.Completely sealed system


2.Excellent Durability and Weatherability

Raw material of ULVA Shield use chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (Trade name is Tosoh CSM). Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene is well known their Durability and Weatherability, so ULVA Shield needs no-maintenance for a long term.
Owing to superior characteristics, CSM is widely used at various fields of industries
  • ・Rubber life raft
  • ・Hovercraft skirt (Air-cushion)
  • ・Accordion sheet between trains
  • ・Engine timing belt

3.Flame Resistance

ULVA Shield has nonflammable characteristic. ULVA Shield is classified into best rating of various inflammability tests. And ULVA Shield also passes Japanese fire code No.57.


ULVA Shield has many application references for the international major oil companies.
Although promotion had started very recently, construction is being made to Japanese Power Company.

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ULVA Shield Technical Data(PDF)