Corporate Profile

Business Outline
We develop 'energy' and 'ecology' related businesses by leveraging our world-class (hot, cold, refractory) insulation technology.

Meisei is a construction works company. Its core business includes thermal insulation work which is indispensable to industrial facilities typified by power plants, chemical plants and liquefied natural gas (LNG) related facilities.
Our insulation technology, which protects facilities with industrial furnaces from temperatures as high as 2,000°C and maintains a cryogenic temperature of -160°C for LNG carriers, has built a solid reputation and a foundation of trust among its many users in Japan and overseas. As such, we effectively contribute to energy savings and protection of the global environment.

Central Research Laboratory

The Central Research Laboratory confirms its pursuit of quality improvements and environmental response (CFC elimination) for our own manufacturing insulation in addition to the development of new materials and construction methods, by conducting basic research, applied research and practicable experiments as concerns insulation-related materials and construction methods. In particular, with regard to cooling tests at cryogenic temperatures designed with liquefied natural gas in mind (-163°C) whose handling is regarded as difficult, we have received high praise with a successful track record that spans more than 30 years.
In addition, as the Research Laboratory certified by the Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement, we handle analysis of asbestos-containing materials such as insulation and building materials.

Hamamatsu Factory

In our Hamamatsu Factory, various materials used in insulation-related work are manufactured.
Our core products include Insulation Panels for LNG Carriers, Polyurethane Foam for low-temperature insulation (molded or cutout materials) and Metal Insulation used in nuclear power plants.
In production, we work on insulation volume reductions and thermal recycling to reduce waste in consideration of the environment and perform manufacturing under strict quality controls.
We strive to develop new insulation materials cooperatively with Sales, Construction and Engineering to balance customer needs.