Demand for designed high-precision materials and methods

Nuclear power plants, which currently generate one-third of all electric power output in Japan, are important customers. We also hold an extensive record in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants. For insulation of nuclear power plants, relevant products include the easily-detachable types which can remove radioactive contaminants and types which combine radiation shielding and thermal insulation. These are installed using specially-designed high-precision materials and methods.

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    Nuclear Power Plants

    Our staff who have substantial knowledge and experience about radiation characteristics and radioactivity are stepping up efforts with our customers on a daily basis, with the objective of "secure and safe nuclear power."
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    Encapsulated Insulation for Power Plant Turbines

    Our metal insulation materials are used even in facilities having turbines such as thermal power plants, not to mention nuclear power plants. Our insulation materials have received a favorable reputation since they are easily and quickly detachable and can reduce waste generation.

    Metal Insulations

  • Leaded metal insulation
  • Encapsulated insulation
  • Simple encapsulated insulation

    Since work in nuclear power plants is always conducted under tightly controlled conditions, we remain steadfast in the education of supervisors and work training programs while making every effort to increase the number of qualified management staff and support knowledge upgrades to ensure radiation safety.


    Developing consistent total engineering from inspection, design, construction to maintenance, we respond to the various needs of customer.


    We have 4 Branch Offices across the country, with our Headquarters in Osaka and Main office in Tokyo as central functions. In addition, 37 Sales Offices are located from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. We have earned a solid reputation from various quarters with our extended network and prompt response and support. The Quality and Safety Management Department of our Headquarters in Osaka has control over the radiation control function, working toward the development of unique control methods and supporting qualifications and upgrading education and training.