To maintain specified temperatures,
Protect the environment and prevent disasters,and for energy savings

Nearly all industries are targeted for thermal insulation work provided that the affected equipment is of the thermal energy consuming type. Thermal insulation work is conducted to maintain specified temperatures, protect the environment and prevent disasters, and for energy savings. We set up various design conditions according to purpose, such as a reduction in heat loss, determination of economical insulation thickness, temperature drop control, and restrictions on insulation surface temperature.

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    Boiler furnace walls, turbines, various equipment, piping, flue gas ducting, etc. Installation work is executed according to purpose, such as hot insulation, personal protection or burn prevention and moisture condensation proofing.
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    Gas Processing Plants

    Tanks, pipings, etc. Installation work is executed mainly for cold insulation and freeze protection.
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    Chemical Plants

    Towers/vessels (cracking furnaces, distillation towers, etc.), heat exchangers, piping, tanks, etc. Installation work is executed according to purpose, such as hot insulation, personal protection or burn prevention, cold insulation and anti-sweat insulation.
Excellent in lightweight properties, mechanical strength, thermal insulation performance and product stability, KEICAL-ACE SUPER-SILICA is used across a wide variety of fields as a primary hot insulation material ranging from normal temperature to high temperature zones (1000°C). In addition, we offer a diverse line-up of products, such as "KEICAL-ACE WIN" designed for rust prevention of heat-insulated objects and "RECYCAL" developed for society with energy saving and resource-recycling in mind. Differences in characteristics lead to energy and resource savings, bringing about considerable economic effect.


    Currently, as environmental issues have reached a point of criticality, it is important to select technologies and materials that make good use of thermal energy. We contribute to energy savings based on actual achievements and expertise as well as excellent material procurement capability by determining the type and thickness of a particular insulation material according to purpose. We also inspect the existing existing thermal insulation performance under the present operation.



    Developing total engineering services from inspection, consulting, design and installation to maintenance, we flexibly respond to each customers needs by combining the skills of our staff.



    We have 4 Branch Offices across the country, with our Headquarters in Osaka and Main office in Tokyo handling central functions. In addition, 37 Sales Offices are located from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. We have earned a solid reputation from various quarters with our extensive network and prompt response and support. Our Central Laboratory carries out in-house technological development on materials and the installation systems related to thermal insulation.