Taking every possible measure by a consistent system to deal with noise problems

Noise from industrial sites must not disrupt the life of people living in the area. Moreover, for employees engaged in work, they must be provided with the most comfortable working environment possible by laws and regulations. In order to deal with these noise problems, we take every possible measure through a consistent system covering all stages of measurement, investigation, simulation, implementation and effectiveness checks.

Acoustic Simulation
騒音シミュレーション 前 騒音シミュレーション 後

Helmholtz-type special sound-absorbing material
Effective sound-absorbing measures are made possible by designing configurations which can absorb sounds of outstanding frequency ranges. (Japanese Patent No. 257417 obtained)

  • Plastic Composite Steel Plate for Vibration Reduction "Star Flaners" (Acoustic Insulation Material)


    By the shear deformation of elastic resin inserted between steel plates, vibrational energy is converted into thermal energy and excellent anti-vibration effects are produced. Since these steel plates hardly generate metallic sound when an impact is given and their mechanical properties are equivalent to normal steel plates, Star Flaners is acoustic insulation material excellent in processability.


    We contribute to society in plant-wide noise controls and work environment improvements with our technologies and performance cultivated in many plants, under a consistent system from measurement to design, manufacturing and construction.


    We select the optimum method in response to requests from a wide range of options to solve problems, by directly making arrangements beforehand between the customer and sales staff/engineers.