Maintaining durability of concrete for many years

Concrete is used in every type of structure such as marine structures, plants, civil engineering and construction projects, and sewage treatment facilities. However, these structures deteriorate and corrode due to long-term exposure to wind and rain or sea breezes. Our "Suncoat System" developed for repair and reinforcement of concrete structures, stops deterioration of concrete caused by the natural environment and maintains durability for many years.

  • 01

    Repair of Elevated Railroad Bridges

    Systemic rust-preventive agents and flexible flame-retardant thickness models of multi-layer elastic waterproof agents maintain and improve main frames of concrete deteriorated by neutralization or alkali-aggregate reaction.
  • 02

    Reinforcement of Concrete Stacks against Earthquakes

    RC stacks are reinforced against earthquakes in short work schedules by high-strength, high-durability and lightweight carbon fibers.
  • 03

    Reinforcement of Concrete Beams and Repair of Base Plates

    Steel plate reinforcement is carried out for concrete beams damaged by salt or neutralization.
  • 04

    Repair and Reinforcement of Concrete Structures Damaged by Salt

    Flexible flame-retardant thickness models of multi-layer elastic waterproof agents maintain and improve the main frames of marine structures deteriorated by neutralization or alkali-aggregate reactions.
  • 05

    Repair and Reinforcement of Concrete Dikes for LNG Tanks

    The insulation pavement material of concrete dikes for LNG tanks is protected with flame-retardant waterproof materials made up of acrylic rubber emulsion and mineral curing agents.

    What is important in repair solutions to respond to the challenges of reestablishing the function of a deteriorated concrete structure to maintain its durability is to prepare a maintenance management plan having the highest economic benefit based on a hard look at the life of a deteriorated concrete structure. In order to achieve this, essential are superior research skills and life predicting capacity, and the selection of repair and reinforcement materials excellent in durability.


    With our research and diagnosis business, we recommend greater economic repair and reinforcement methods to our customers by conducting various non-destructive and destructive examinations and predicting the life of affected structures. Our repair and reinforcement materials are approved by the West Japan Railway Company, Japan Highway Public Corp. and respective academic societies. In addition, repair benefits of our construction methods are verified in field tests and published in trade journals as research papers.


    We have established a consistent engineering system of research and diagnosis, design and construction as relates to concrete repair and reinforcement work. Establishing our own materials and methods and utilizing a nationwide network of sales offices, we are locally based and quickly respond even for small-scale projects.