Incinerator facilities indispensable for establishment of a comfortable environment

The construction of incinerator facilities indispensable for the establishment of a comfortable environment is spreading across the country. Technical capabilities based on our wealth of experience and expertise are most satisfactorily displayed not only in fireproofing and insulation work for industrial plants but also in these facilities.

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    Furnaces for Metal Melting

    In this furnace, incombustibles (residues) generated by waste incineration are melted at high temperatures. Insulating work is executed to maintain the melting temperature.
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    Incinerator with stoker System

    Construction work of the furnace is executed where waste is burned by supplying it onto the step grate and blowing combustion air from the lower of stoker.

    We determine the insulating refractory materials and design suitable for a particular structure according to facility temperature conditions. With an extensive performance record and expertise, we work toward maintaining construction quality and improvements in safety and health.


    We determine materials, construction methods and designs and prepare quotes to match each facility. We deal with various facilities such as incinerators, gas cooling rooms, various ducts, boilers and fusion furnaces.


    We respond to customer needs by using a nationwide network from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south centering on Headquarters in Osaka and Main office in Tokyo.